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Central-European Club Pannonia Association


According to its statutes, the Central-European Club Pannonia Association, established in 2003, has the following Mission:

"Taking care for Central-European relationships in accordance with the standards of the European Union, firstly in respect of economic life, science environment protection, culture, historical traditions, tourism, nationality affairs, exchange of information, public relations - Exchange of experiences in field of public security and the fight against terrorism  - Assisting all those members in professional and moral terms, who are in need of this assistance. The Association is independent of political parties."

Having the implementation of the tasks set by its members in mind, KEP organises events of wide ranging interest, e.g. conferences, round-table meetings, professional consultations, study-tours), by helping its members, potential members and partners showing interest for its activities to get information and orientation on specific issues of importance.

KEP activities in Hungary are spread through the whole country, and the association is intending to expand its activities beyond the existing sections in Hungary, Austria and Germany to all countries of Central Europe and its region. Sections are being set up in 14 Central-European countries, which can represent the  interests of the members very well.

The association was established on a voluntary basis and has a self governmental system that guarantees achievement of common goals stipulated in its basic rules.

The expenses of operation are covered by membership fees paid by natural and legal persons, as well as by participating at tenders financing the operation and project activities.

Main types of activities are:

  • Events, Presentations, Assemblies
  • Club events, open discussions on pre-set agenda
  •  Study tours, Press conferences and tours
  • Publications

Areas of competence of the association are:

  • Social sciences, Human research, Development
  • Scientific activities and research
  • Economic sciences
  • Education, Adult training, capacity building, Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge
  • Cultural activities and events
  • Assistance to safeguarding equal chances and opportunities for disadvantaged groups of society
  • Professional interest representation
  • Other communitarian and social activities
  • KEP  performs its tasks on a common use non-profit basis

The Stamtable Program of the association has proved an efficient and successful forum of gathering since about twenty years including the joint activities and coordinated operation with the existing sections in Austria and other countries in the region. It offers a good opportunity on a regular basis for members and supporters to participate at social forums and meetings with prestigious  personalities in public life and foreign visitors of high economic or social reputation.

It is our aim and practice to publish and disseminate the content of such events in adequate electronic and  written publication forms.

Throughout the past three years KEP organised three important Social Dialogue Forums putting issues of wide public interest to the focus, e.g. The Economic Effects and Impact of the Global Financial Crisis and tasks coming out of it. The events are held with a widespread attention of institutions, civil organisations and representatives of the scientific and public life. Lectures by prestigious representatives of public and civil organisations and personalities of the scientific and educational sectors as well as members of the National and the European Parliament used to be held at these events. Objectives of the forum were: to demonstrate the economic and social conditions and  impact created by the global financial crisis and credit crunch, evaluation of the new challenges, search of ways out of the crisis, drawing conclusions out of it and setting tasks and recommendations. Thereby, the forum intends to be a place for a realistic evaluation and assessment of the situation and  a modest contribution to the alleviation of the negative effects of the crisis.  A DVD summary was issued and distributed about the forum events in order to make it possible to the wide public to follow them.

The Presidium of the association mirrors the wide public responsibility and interest represented in the basic rules and mission statement: President is Prince Antal Esterházy, well-known personality of public life, co-chairman is dr. Endre Marinovich, one-time head of cabinet for two prime ministers during the nineties, professor at college and honorary ambassador, Managing president is dr. József Czeglédi, member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences public body, expert in tourism for the Hungarian Parliament, president of 56's committee of Dialogue and trustee of the 56's Historical Foundation. Among members of the presidium and board of senators figure important personalities from regional governments, MPs, entrepreneurs, personalities of public life in Hungary and other countries e.g. Austria, Serbia, University professors, academicans, dr. Otto von Habsburg, President of the Pan-European Union, late and one-time prime ministers and ministers, a sport world champion, high-ranking personalities of social, economic, tourism and cultural background. A great number of corporate members, civil organisations and diplomatic corpses, members from Austria, Germany, Serbia, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Switzerland, Italy, Romania, Croatias, contribute to strengthen the widespread image of the association.





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